I believe that many problems contain the seeds of solutions.

I start with a firm belief in the client’s courage, capacity, resourcefulness, and resilience. I am gentle and respectful. My sincere hope is that clients would leave a session feeling heard, respected, and understood; never shamed or blamed.

I ask the objective questions that most people would ask themselves if they could step outside their own skins and ask. And I ask with curiosity and good will. I welcome all responses because the process of sharing is often the path to feeling better and doing well. The key is that my questions and interventions are timed and designed to foster safe and supportive exploration and discovery.


Client-Centered Approach

Therapy is intended for the client’s well-being and in service of the client’s goals. My role is to facilitate a process that assists in moving the client towards their preferred future.


If a client presents issues that surpass the limits of my expertise, I will raise this as a point of discussion so that we can consult on additional measures such as support groups, medical assistance, etc., depending on the situation at hand.



A few researchers, authors, and clinicians whose work informs mine:

  • Mary Pipher

  • Richard Schwartz

  • Ron Taffel

  • David Schnarch

  • Terrence Real

  • Gabor Maté

  • Michelle Weiner-Davis

  • Babette Rothschild

  • Evan Imber-Black

  • Bill O’Hanlon

  • Susan Johnson

  • John Bowlby

  • John and Julie Gottman

  • Alan Jenkins

  • Michael White

  • Johnella Bird

  • Murray Bowen

  • Keren Humphrey

  • Hedy Schleifer

  • Bruce Perry